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Resource Tuner Scripts

RTC scripts have an .RTS (meaning Resource Tuner Script) extension. Script files are usually edited in any text editor.

Sample Scripts Library

Sample scriptsTo give you an idea of how this all works, we tried to cover all possible needs and made a dozen of scripts and test applications. Basically, all you have to do to use them as templates for your own scripts is replace the filenames and paths to source and destination locations.

Once installed Resorce Tuner Console, you will find the Sample Script Library in the DEMO directory. Within this Demo folder, there are 11 subdirectories that contain sample scripts and sample executable files.

All sample scripts are ready to run. Select one of the .BAT files located under the RTC folder to execute the script. Resulting files will be created in the directory named "Demo\Release" under the directory containing the script.

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To see the changes made to the test EXE's, we recommend using Resource Tuner GUI, a visual resource editor.

How To Write Scripts

There are no particular requirements except that every script must contain the Main procedure, enclosed by Sub and End Sub statements. Inside the Main procedure there can be any number of statements. A familiarity with VBScript helps with reading and writing the scripts.


Sub Main
' Place your script here
' ...
' ...
End Sub

Comments can be placed in the script by typing a single quotation mark at the beginning of a line. The script engine ignores all comments. For example:

' This is a brief comment describing what I'm doing.

A description of the RTC script format and sample scripts can be found in the RTC Scripting Language Reference within the Resource Tuner Console package. Please take a few moments to review the help, you will better familiarize yourself with the program and learn more about all the features available.

The documentation on VBScript and Windows Scripting in general can currently be found at:

Download the latest script documentation from Microsoft for ready reference, it is available as a handy .CHM file. Make sure to install it and spend some time browsing through it. Then when you need it maybe you will not have much of a struggle finding what you need.


Sample Scripts
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