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Definition Files

An external definition file is optionally used by RTC to define and represent the values for constants in the loaded target executable file. A more detailed description of the RTC definition file format and sample scripts can be found in the RTC Scripting Language Reference within the Resource Tuner Console package.

You can create a definition file using any ASCII text editor. Its syntax is:

#define ItemName ItemValue


 #define str_EntryNumber1   1
 #define str_EntryNumber2   2
 #define my_headerID        65406

Delphi developers can use .DRC files generated by the Delphi® Pascal Compiler. These contain compiler-generated resources bound to the produced executable. If the Detailed Map option was enabled (Delphi Menu - Project - Options - Linker Tab - Map File - select the "detailed" radio), they also would contain all strings with corresponding IDs.



Sample Scripts
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