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Resource Tuner Console

User License
1 User License
(includes 18-month updates and support)
$199.00 Buy Now
3 User License
(includes 18-month updates and support)
$399.00 Buy Now

Floating User License
1 Floating User License (up to 5 computers)
(includes 18-month updates and support)
$299.00 Buy Now

Package Deal:
Resource Tuner Console + Resource Tuner GUI     info on GUI version
RTC 1-User License + RT 1-User Business License
(includes 18-month updates and support)              $288.95 if purchased separately
$239.00 Buy Now

License Terms

RTC User License entitles you to install and use one copy of Resource Tuner Console on exactly one computer, or on one virtual machine within a single computer, per license.

RTC Floating User License entitles you to install and use Resource Tuner Console on up to 5 computers or on up to 5 virtual machines within a single computer. However, for each Floating User License purchased, only one concurrent user may access or use Resource Tuner Console, and only one instance of Resource Tuner Console may beĀ in use at any given time.

Your license will remain valid for a period of 12 months from the purchase date. After this period it will remain functional, but you will not have the access to new versions, upgrades and technical support. However, you can renew your license and remain eligible for updated product releases and technical support for another 12 months. If you don't want to purchase a renewal, you can continue to use the program version you have installed when your maintenance expires, but you won't be entitled to use the latest version.

Licenses are non-transferable. A company registered as a license user is assumed to be the owner of the license. Once issued, the license may not be transferred to another user or re-registered to another username. A company can allocate and deallocate company licenses to employees as needed.