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RTC User Testimonials

Read how RTC has helped other people getting their work done

“We do massively multiplayer games, and have multiple executables that have to get built from our source tree when files update. Our final solution was a bit of a hack, but it really solved our problems. The version number source file contains a very well defined string (something like "ApplicationVersionMarker 1234567890"). When the build system was done compiling the executables, it would look to see which executables were recreated during the build process, search the binary images for this specific text string, and replace the text with the version number as sync'd from perforce.

As I said, only executables that actually changed during would be re-branded with the new version number, which allowed the build and deploy team to know exactly what executables needed to be pushed out where. We embed the version number for the client in the Windows resource information, and used Resource Tuner Console to brand the version number into the resources after it was built.”

Jeff Grills,
Senior Technical Director
Sony Online Entertainment


“Cubeware has some products which are sold directly and through an OEM channel. These OEM versions must be adapted to the design of the OEM partner. We do this through resources. So we patch our binaries. Currently we use the following features of RTC:
- Edit Stringtables
- Replace Bitmaps/Icons
- Update Version-Info
- Edit XML Manifest

We use our own build tool which needs an automated way to patch binaries. Resource Tuner Console is the best solution to do this. I know no other tool that can do this.”

Christian Stöllinger,
Managing Director
Cubeware GmbH


“We currently use Resource Tuner Console for:
1) Replacement and/or removal of strings in the FileVersion Info
2) Removal of a string with a certain resource ID in the string table.”

Stefan Sunefalk,
Software Engineer
SolidWorks Nordic AB


“I think Resource Tuner Console is one of the most amazing software development tools I have ever come across.”

Warren Lee,
Release Manager



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